News Update

August 9th, 2016

The fishing season off Chichester if well under way now in early May ,we have been catching bream for a week or so with the best day being 25 fish over 1lb between two anglers ,they are still a bit patchy but fishing should improve each trip .When conditions allow there has been some fantastic smoothound sport with fish up to 18lb and plenty in the  10/15 lb range ,crab has been the preferred bait for the hounds although squid took a fair share  of fish last week end .

There were good undulate rays about last week on the big tides with 6 coming to warriors baits in only 30 ft of water and with  a 5 meter tide they took a bit of hauling in .This week end the tides are smaller so if the wind allow we hope to get in to the bream shoals .

Give Adam a call to book a trip for some excellent spring fishing . 07900086085

First Three Catch and cook trips a great sucess

August 8th, 2013

We ran our first catch and cook trips last week end ,on the Sunday the weather was perfect ,warm ,calm and plenty of fish . We decided to stay out at sea for the whole time so some of the customers could carry on fishing.Adam did his prep and cooking displays while at anchor in Bracklesham bay . However the Tuesday trip was a different kettle of fish ,( pardon the pun ) .The wind was a fresh force 5 but luckily it was off the land which enabled us to get out up to 3 miles . The fishing condition were tricky to say the least struggling to catch much to eat we ended up with a couple of pollack ,whiting  and mackerel.My group of ladies gallantly fished on fuelled by a couple of bottles of wine until the bitter end pulling in a few small sea bass that had to go back. Luckily we had predicted a difficult catching morning and in true Blue Peter style had some bream we prepared earlier . The wind did not perturb our chef he produced ,shushi rolls,lemon/lime dry cured Mackerel ,a fish paella followed by a chocolate fudge .Not bad for a force five wind and a lively boat .The day ended with a trip to see the Harbour seal population . This weekends foody fishing trip had a great start with light winds and blue skies ,the mackerel were jumping in the boat so that decided the back bone of the main dish of the day ,a traditional tagine flavoured with apricots and red rice.With a lovely fillet of mackerel topping it of and some wilted sea spinage mixed  the sauce all served on a bed of cous cous . This was preceded with a cervich of bream fillet  mixed with  a fresh citrous salsa  of red onion,broad bean,sweetcorn and peas . Finally a small amount of home made chocolate fudge . I cant wait for the next one on august 2nd 6 places left  call Adam on 07900086085 We are taking booking for the next catch and cook trips Aug 2nd check website for further dates   .

A few of chihcesters grey and harbour seal population
A few of Chichester grey and harbour seal population

Best tope for 5 years

May 10th, 2011

Well this weekend saw our first hectic tope / hound session.We were lucky to pick up around 20 mackerel first thing in the morning so decided to have a go at the tope. I set off to a smoothound mark to start with to wait for the tide to ease back before venturing further afield to well know tope mark.

The hounds were coming up steady when one of the anglers had his trace baited with squid bitten through.we quickly dropped down some mackerel fillets on wire traces and within minutes we had our first tope on the boat.It was a hectic session with 23 tope being landed the best one a magnificent 53lb er (see the picture on the second gallery page ) with several around 20/25 .The overall catch was 36 good fish the best hound was only around 10lb but mostly between 6/9lb. Looking forward to the return of the mackerel.

Sadly on the sunday the catch dropped to 18 fish and the same on monday,however the mackerel were not playing ball and there was not the quantity needed for putting down large baits.

tope fishing in sussex 2016

May 1st, 2011

The Tope season is in full swing now with fish to 45lb being caught ,all you need is a good tide /weather and a bucket of fresh mackerel .Monday 13th we had almost perfect conditions ,the mackerel were a scare but i had take some really fresh fish i bought in the day before .Three anglers landed 32 tope in just over 3 hrs with the best being 43 lb, there were several more over the 20lb mark with the majority around 10/15lb .No monsters but great sport .

If you want a go now is the time to try and get afloat.You don`t want many anglers for this type of fishing as it will only result in tangles 4/5 anglers that are prepared to wait for that screening run.Good Luck

The 2016season begins.

May 6th, 2009

The start of this season has been slow for bookings but the fishing is ok for the time of the year ,when we can get off shore there has been blonde rays to 20lb with thorn backs and undulates mixed in ,there has been an encouraging showing of surdogs .

These fish are protected from being killed but fight like demons ,they are predominately in the deeper water so you need a small tide to fish for them but it would be lovely to think they were making a proper come back and we could target them once again in the early spring went other species are a bit shy .

Around the nab tower area and off selsey there are good numbers of rays with plenty of double figure undulates to catch with small conger and the chance of late cod.Next month we will start looking for black bream off Chichester ,lets hope they come early. If you fancy a spot of Bream fishing on Warrior or Shaw thing give Adam a call on 07900086085