Next Full Day Trips/Individuals Days

See Trip Diary at bottom of the Page .

Two ways or organise a fishing trip

  • To organize your own party of friends & colleagues on a set day and book the whole boat to yourself. If there are 5 or more of you this is definitely the best way to get a trip in, plus it’s more fun when you’re with friends to talk about the one that got away. Although the boat is licensed for 12 to maximise your fishing pleasure I recommend no more than 8 if you’re having the whole boat.
  • The second way to get an all day trip in is to book as an individual on one of my individuals trips.We operate these at least once a week on a first come first served basis.We supply everything you need for a days fishing even down to a packed lunch can be provided if pre ordered at an extra cost . check the listing below for next individual trip.
  • Its always worth a call i often have groups short of one or two anglers ,i will be putting on more full day trips as we go into auterm ,with the lure of the elusive cod ,the early fish should start to show up the Solent in the next 2 weeks .I may put a boat in port solent marina this winter to ensure we can get more fishing days in ,i will keep you all informed about the decision .
Here are a list of our Next  2017 Individuals Days
oct     14th       flatfish                                      6 places
October 23rd                                                    8 places
October 28th                                                    8 places
October 29th                                                    8 places
Nov       5th   cod/whiting                                 8 places
Dec       3rd   cod /whiting                               8 places
Jan        6th   cod/whiting                                8 places
Other dates will be added as the months progress ,there are often places with some of my regular groups so please call or text if looking for a last minute trip .

The price is £55/head  inc rods and tackle  ,with  a  contribution to any  bait required
Ring Adam on 07900086085 to book.

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