NEW - Catch and Cook 2017

Continuing into 2017

Our next trips for catch and cook is june 4th

Price is £60/head

Have you ever fancied catching your own dinner? Or even wondered what the best way to prepare and cook your fish  was?
As of 2015, Something Fishy Fishing Charters are offering a different kind of trip, where you and your friends/family can come on one of our half day trips typically 9am - 2pm catch your Fish, and our Local Chef Adam Sparshatt (previously a Sous Chef from Goodwood Estate) will show you the best way to prepare  your fish on board finishing with a tasty lunch using the catch for the Menu .This could typically comprise of Bass,bream,mackerel,pollack or whiting .

Your day will start by meeting at Chichester Marina, where bacon sandwiches will be available, followed by a trip out to sea, whilst taking in the scenery that the picturesque Chichester Harbour (an area of outstanding natural beauty )has to offer its a interesting Harbour tour in its self .
Once out to sea you will be shown how to rig and bait your rod, and how to catch your fish. You will be fishing for around 2 hours.
On the return trip to the Harbour, Adam will demonstrate how to prepare the fish for cooking, this will include Scaling, filleting and boning lessons. The cooking will be done on board, this will be in the form of a BBQ, Sushi, Cerviche, Tagine or grilling, it will depend on what the catch is on the day.
Once back in the Harbour we will anchor off east head an area  of sand dunes owned by the national trust. Here you will enjoy eating the catch along with local foraged, products like Samphire, Sea Spinach and cockles etc.Light refreshments are available with lunch .

About Adam Sparshatt:

adam The chef preparing the fish we caught

Adam The chef preparing the fish we caught

We first met Adam when he was involved in opening The Kennels Restaurant at Goodwood in 2007 where he and Tim Powell both earn t the reputation for using local products, and serving fine food, and fine wines, that is still continued today.

After 2010, Adam continued at Good wood on a part time basis, whilst setting up his own company as ‘The Personal chef’. He provides top quality gastronomic experiences including private dining, weddings, shoot lunches and cooking/foraging adventures.Adam is passionate about his food and is always looking for new ways to express himself.

Catch and cook Dates. As a group booking we can do any day subject to the chef being available and the weather. The dates are on demand but June 4th is a day i have scheduled in to start the season

June 4th, there are 6 place left on these ever popular catch and cook trips this a great time of year as there are plenty of tasty edible fish around i.e bream,bass,mackerel,gurnard to cook up so come and give it a try .

Freshly made sushi served on board during the catch and cook trip.

Right Clare and the girls frantically trying to catch lunch on a blustery day

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