Shawthing II And Warrior

Warrior is a fast purpose built Aqua star 38 with 600 hp Licensed for 12 people.

Shawthing II is also an Aqua star but is 32 with 425 hp licensed for 10 people.

They were built specifically for charter fishing and are very stable both under way and at anchor.

The boats are licensed for 10 and 12 people through the DOT/MCA cat 2, this gives us a range of 60 miles from base.

The boats are licensed under MCA rules

We carry all the safety & latest navigational equipment e .g.

  • GPS,
  • VHF.

About the Skipper

Adam Shaw has been fishing these waters for 30 years, He has a diverse knowledge of the area and is extremely passionate about sea angling and fish conservation.

“I started fishing commercially off Selsey, fishing for lobster, flatfish and oysters.

At the age of 18 i took my skippers licence and worked a charter boat called Sea Angler 2 from Chichester . I purchased my first angling boat in 1989, Shawthing 1, a  cygnus 26 which I kept for 11 years.

I replaced this with Shawthing 11, a 32ft twin engines aqua star and this is my 10th season with her. I have plans to have Shawthing 111 built at some time soon but i have not made the final decision as to which hull I prefer; something around 38/40f,t so that I can provide more comfort to my customers.

Gary has joined forces to help with the skippering duties he fished of selsey for more than 30 years as a crab boat captain, spending some of that time commercial bass fishing,so knows the area extremely well ,he is also dedicated to helping his crew get the best from their day afloat .

I have meet a lot of great people during my charter fishing and hope to meet many  more.  I believe in giving the customer a good value day out, aiming to beat their  expectations  of the day. It is very important to provide good customer service even on a fishing boat!”

See you all soon,